Welcome to the world, Amélie!

Yuko and I are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter, Amélie!

After a night of incredible efforts, Yuko gave birth to a healthy baby girl earlier today, March 30th at 12:50.

Amélie weighs 3750g for a height of 51.5cm and gave her mom a bit of a hard time, but I am proud to say that Yuko did a great job, and that both mom and baby are healthy and recovering.

I’d have quite a bit to recount, and to be frank I haven’t fully registered yet that the whole thing happened, but right now I just want to share my excitement with the world so I’ll keep it short!

I’ll just leave you with a geeky bit of music. A couple times during labour, this piece played on the music player that the hospital staff set up for us. It’s called To Zanarkand and was part of the video game soundtrack for Final Fantasy X, released in 2001. This is a piece that I especially like for the emotions it evokes. Having this piece played as Yuko was giving birth to our daughter gave it yet another powerful meaning, and another reason for it to be a track of my life soundtrack!

The old PlayStation2 video game thing might give this a cheesy look, but please ignore it and give it a try, you might like what you hear!