I switched from Jekyll to Bridgetown

Two years aftermy last post, I’m back, and the first thing I write about is again how I upgraded my blog’s tech stack… 🤦🏻‍♂️

I wrote first about this bad tendency about three years ago and I guess I haven’t improved yet…

Yet another attempt at me keeping a blog, starting by way too much time on the setup, rather than writing…

To keep it short, I decided to switch to Bridgetown because:

  • Although Jekyll is still maintained, I felt like it’s starting to get a bit old (very subjective, to be honest I haven’t looked at the latest releases).
  • Jekyll’s templating system uses Liquid, which I’m not a fan of. As a Ruby developer used to Ruby on Rails applications, Liquid feels limited and I remember wishing I could write ERB. Although I started this Bridgetown setup with Liquid (to port the site), I’m thinking about moving to ERB.
  • Just technical curiosity. I’ve heard about Bridgetown for a while, tried Jekyll and Middleman without feeling satisfied, so I wanted to try Bridgetown too.

This time I will not go into the details of the migration work. This pull request on GitHub has a detailed commit history describing the steps I went through.

I hope to find more time to write (very cliché thing to say, especially after so many failed attemps), and maybe to give a bit more love to this blog in general.